The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its investment in high-speed rail (evidence, bib)

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The articles listed below make general, short arguments in favor of HSR. 

Benefits of High-Speed Rail for the United States

8 Benefits of High-speed Trains

 Fact Sheet | High Speed Rail Development Worldwide

Ten reasons America needs high-speed rail

Public Transit and the Benefits of High-Speed Rail

Why the US needs to get on track with high-speed rail

Advantages of High-Speed Rail System

 2021 Pros and Cons of High-Speed Rail in the U.S.

High Speed Rail Benefits

High-Speed Rail Benefits Small Towns and Large Cities

 What Are The Benefits Of High-Speed Rail?

The hidden benefits of high-speed rail (subscription required)

High-Speed Trains Provide Environmental, Social Benefits, Study Says

High-speed rail: Does its economic impact match its breakneck speed?

The Promise of High-speed Rail in New Cities

What Do High-Speed Rails Bring To Us?

Pros and Cons of High Speed Rail HS2

 High-speed rail’s many benefits

These scholarly articles support HSR

Does High-Speed Rail Opening Affect the Health Care Environment?–Evidence From China

Urbanisation Through the Benefits of High-Speed Rail System


The High‐​Speed Rail Money Sink: Why the United States Should Not Spend Trillions on Obsolete Technology.  This article is a very comprehensive case against HSR.

A Summary Reality Check of Why High-Speed Rail is a Bad Idea. This article identifies many problems with high speed rail in California, most of which are applicable to the US.

The California High-Speed Rail Project’s Negative Impacts on Minority Communities. The title is self-explanatory.

High Speed Rail: Detriment or Benefit to the Environment?  This article agues HSR projects hurt the environment.

Biden’s High-Speed Rail To Nowhere. This article explains in detail why HSR isn’t useful in the US.

Train to nowhere: can California’s high-speed rail project ever get back on track?  This article argues there are too many legal barriers to HSR in the US and that it is very costly.