The Second Affirmative Rebuttal (2AR)

Even if you are a Second Affirmative Rebuttal (2AR) speaker and not a Second Negative Rebuttal (2NR) speaker, you should be sure to read the essay on how to do the 2NR because in many ways you simply need to do the opposite of the 2NR.

Topicality. Since topicality is an all or nothing issue for the affirmative, start your speech by addressing any topicality arguments.   The 2AR can’t risk running out of time and not responding to topicality.

Repeat your arguments.  I advised you to repeat your case in the 1AR, you should do that in the 2AR.  In your first tournaments, there is a good chance the other team didn’t respond to your case (or at least didn’t respond to part of it…or at least didn’t continue to extend their responses).  Just repeating your arguments will improve your odds of winning your first novice debates.

Answer your opponent’s arguments.  Don’t forget to repeat the answers you previously made to your opponent’s arguments.

Weigh. Why is your argument more important than your opponents’ arguments? Why is it more important to reduce pollution than to protect states’ rights (for example)?