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Surveillance Topic: Law Reviews

  Copyright (c) 2013 Arizona Board of Regents Arizona Law Review, 2013, Arizona Law Review, 55 Ariz. L. Rev. 997, 10598 words, ARTICLE: PRIVACY PROTESTS:

Surveillance: Counterplans

Previous: Disadvantages The one thing I especially like about this topic and resolution is that the role of typical generic agent counterplans is significantly limited.

Surveillance: Advantage Areas

]Previous: Topicality // All Surveillance Resources Likely advantages — Privacy Tyranny Free Speech Racism  Economy Hegemony Internet Freedom Executive Authority Infopolitics Biopower Securtization Privacy/totalitarianism.  There are many different

Surveillance Topic: Potential Affirmative Cases/Plans

ALL SURVEILLANCE RESOURCES Previous: Advantages     Section 215 Metadata/Business Records Aff   Encryption Aff    Muslim Surveillance Aff DNA Surveillance Aff In this section I will review some