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The 1AC

The 1AC is an entirely canned speech that consists of a few parts — Inherency, Harms/Advantages, and Solvency. Inherency proves


Debating Topicality

Introducing Topicality Topicality arguments are similar to disadvantages, kritiks, and counterplans in that they are major forms of negative arguments that are presented in the


China Topic Article — Conclusion

[All China Resources] China is a great area for a topic. Since China is an emerging superpower that interacts with the US on the global


China Topic Article – Kritiks

[All China Resources] Kritiks I think that kritiks are becoming less relevant to overall “strategy” because the “Policy” debate community is becoming more divided between

China Counterplans

Discussion of counterplan opportunities is another opportunity to create consider strategy. “Soft engagement” counterplans.  In 2005-2006, the college policy debate resolution focused on the question