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Reparations Bibliography

Updates Reparations bill gains traction in the House (7-3-19) Reparations are treated as the cure for inequality — they are not (7-3-19) Reparations won’t change


Should abortion be illegal?

General Supreme Court has overruled more than 200 of its own decisions. Her’s what it could mean for Roe (2019) Supreme Court compromise on Indiana

Should ICE be abolished?

How Trump radicalized ICE  Abolishing ICE is only the first step  The case against abolishing ICE


Should the capital gains tax be reduced?

Background Capital gains tax breaks on capital gains issues Yes Washington needs to end the hidden inflation in the capital gains tax  The Tax Act’s


Should 3-D Guns Sales Be Permitted?

Background The battle for 3d printed guns  The 3D gun controversy: Everything you need to know  All your questions about 3D guns answered Meet the