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Answers to: Weak Putin Attacks the Baltics

First, this is literally absurd. If Putin news to invade a country for political reasons, he’ll just invade the Ukraine. He invaded it before and

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AT: NATO Stops Overfishing and Whaling

This contention is ludicrous. There is no evidence that NATO forces would engage in practices to stop any sort of overfishing let alone whaling when

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Cybersecurity Threat Answers

  No solvency. The internet is a global network, so if the Baltics strengthen their own cyber security Russia will just look to other countries

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Answers to Baltic Foreign Investment

  Their own source says that the main barrier to investment is business conditions in the Baltic countries that are driven by the economies of


Russia Aggression Answers

Uniqueness Answers — 1.    On Uniqueness. Russia won’t invade the Baltics in the status quo. Three warrants. a.    First, Bandow 16 of CATO finds that