Current Prices. FULL CATALOG  

___$69 Individual user subscription until June 20, 2023
___$249. School subscription until June, 20, 2023. Coaches can add up to 100 users from their school and access our coach topic classes.
___$999. School subscription until June 20,  2023. Coaches can add up to 100 users from their school. Coaches can receive up to 12 hours of instructional support from one of our teacher coaches. This can include direct coaching of your students, general instructional support for the in-school coach, and any other type of support agreed to by both parties.

Our W-9.

Adding your students after you purchase a subscription

All subscriptions are good from the date of purchase until June 20, 2023. Since our site allows the full and immediate download of all of our materials, we do not offer refunds. If you have been charged in error, please contact us at [email protected] 

DebateUS! also offers tutoring at negotiated prices. Purchases of more hours can reduce prices, but refunds are not provided for unused hours. Unused hours can ordinarily be rescheduled.

DebateUS also runs debate tournaments from time to time. Refunds are not provided after the “fees frozen” date (usually 6 days before the tournament) listed on any tournament entry platform use by DebateUS!