Is the new National Security Strategy good?


On October 10 the Biden administration released it’s new National Security Strategy. Although it is rare to release the strategy almost two years into a Presidential term, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine delayed the release. In the Strategy, the administration tries to balance the need to compete with Russia in the short-term, China (Russia/China Competition is “Great Power Competition“) over the longer term while still cooperating on global problems such as avoiding climate change and preventing the spread of global disease


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What grade does Biden’s national security strategy get?


*Russia and China are both competitors and resources are needed to challenge them
*The administration needed time to release the strategy due to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine
*Russia is a broader threat to Europe
*China is a broader threat to Asia
*In order to protect our own interests, we have to cooperate with countries that we do not always agree with

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*The strategy envisions competing against both Russia and China and the US doesn’t have the resources to do that
*The strategy envisions competing against both Russia and China as well as cooperating with them to solve global problems. Both cannot be done.
*The strategy was released way too late in the term for it to matter
*Competing against Russia and China risks war
*Russia’s military is weak and actually doesn’t constitute a threat
*Cooperating with some non-Democratic countries “when necessary” undermines global democracy
*The strategy should not focus on non-military issues

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