Debate Topics

With more than 30 years of experience in debate, we’ve taken the time to compile what we think are some of the best debate topics for K-12 students.

We’ve made efforts to break these down by grade level. though teachers should feel free to adjust the grade level expectations based on their own experiences with their students.


Cats are better pets than dogs

Elementary students should be able to bring phones to school
Students should be allowed to take field trips

Junk food should be banned in school
Pet should be allowed in school

Videos games are bad for kids
Kids should be allowed to listen to any music

All kids should play sports

Children should receive an allowance

Space aliens exist


Students should be required to wear school uniforms
Introduction to the School Uniforms Debate
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ProCon Evidence Links
JV Public Forum Debate Debate

Homework should be banned
School should start later
Cell phones should be allowed in the classroom

Bottled water should be banned
Plastic bags should be banned

The internet should be free

Taxes on junk food should be increased

School should last all year


Middle School/High School

More accessible

The metaverse is on-balance desirable

Social media is on-balance desirable

Standardized testing should be abolished

Animal testing should be banned

People should be vegetarians

Football should be banned

Voting should be mandatory

Driverless cars are safe



The police should have to wear body cameras
Politicians should be allowed to ban books in public schools

People should have the right to own guns.
Private ownership of handguns should be abolished
The United States should renew the federal Assault Weapons Ban

Should should have single gender classrooms

School Resource Officers should be eliminated

The death penalty should be abolished

Nuclear power should be expanded

Human cloning should be legalized

Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults

Mars should be colonized
The US should return to the moon

Charter schools should be abolished
Government should provide financial support for school choice

The SAT should no longer be used as a criteria for college admissions

Violent video games should be banned

The US should implement mandatory national service

The government should promote renewable energy sources
Fracking should be banned in the United States

Private prisons should be abolished

Genetically modified foods should be abolished

College athletes should be paid

Teachers should be eligible for merit pay

Animal organ transplants should be allowed


The Cuba embargo should be ended

The US should increase its refugee cap
On balance, immigration is good for the economy
The US should increase the number of H1-Bs
International borders should be abolished

The US should implement a universal basic income
The US should guarantee universal child care

Workers should have a right to strike
Employee labor unions are on-balance desirable
Employers should have to pay a living wage

The US should implement universal background checks for gun purchases

Drug testing for student athletes should be abolished

Community college should be freed
Student loan debt should be eliminated

Private schools should be abolished

On-balance, artificial intelligence is beneficial to humanity

The electoral college should be replaced by a National Popular Vote

Gerrmyandering should be banned

Felons should be allowed to vote

The United States should implement Medicare for All

The national debt is a threat to the economy

Globalization reduces poverty

The government should forgive all student loans

Adolescents should be allowed to make their own autonomous medical choices

The National Security Agency should end surveillance of US citizens without a warrant

Subsidies for public stadiums should be eliminated

High School

All drugs should be legalized
Marijuana should be legalized
Cities should provide free needles to drug addicts

Net neutrality should be restored

Workers should be allowed to sttrike

Japan should develop nuclear weapons
The US should withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

China is a threat to Taiwan
The US should treat Taiwan as an independent country

A China/Russia alliance is a threat to the US
The US should undermine China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The US should impose sanctions on countries that violate human rights
Sanction on Venezuela should be lifted

Private appropriation of space resources is unjust

The capital gains tax preference should be abolished

A carbon tax should be implemented
Fossil fuel subsidies should be eliminated
Developed countries have a moral obligation to reduce climate change

The US should permit offshore oil drilling

Autonomous weapons should be banned
The US nuclear arsenal should be modernized
Battlefield nuclear weapons should be removed from Europe
The US military should eliminate its use of armed drones
Countries should eliminate nuclear weapons
The US should adopt a policy of nuclear No First Use

The US should eliminate its use of Offensive Cyber Operations

The US should increase its military assets in space

Sex work should be legal
Abortion should be banned
Euthanasia should be banned
The sale of human organs should be legalized
A just society ought to presume consent for organ donation

Hate speech should be banned

Public colleges and universities should not restrict protected speech

Affirmative action in college admissions should be abolished
Affirmative action in employment should be abolished

Turkey should stay in NATO

The fillibuster should be abolished
More justices should be added to the Supreme Court

Big Tech should be broken up

The benefits of the Internet of Things outweigh the harms

Plea bargaining should be abolished

Jury nullification should be used to correct injustice

Reparations for slavery should be provided
Puerto Rico should become a state

Washington, DC should become a state

The United States should implement pharmaceutical price controls

Cryptocurrency is on-balance desirable

Socialism is better than capitalism

“Dreamers” should be granted citizenship

Intellectual property rights should be abolished

The US should stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The US should stop stop the US of sanctions as a tool of foreign policy

Reporters should be allowed to protect the rights of confidential sources
People should have the Right to Be Forgotten

On balance, US foreign policy is a threat to world peace
The US should end its promotion of democracy
On balance, the rise of China is good for the world

The United States should ratify the Law of the Sea treaty.

The metaverse is bad for humanity