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January 14 Politics

A traditional negative politics DA with a political capital story seems implausible, but we have some good answers this week.

Debate Topics

With more than 30 years of experience in debate, we’ve taken the time to compile what we think are some of the best debate topics


Spring 2022 PF and LD Lectures and Resources

Public Forum February PF: Turkey in NATO Annotated Bibliography Lecture Slide Show. January PF: Drug Legalization Annotated Bibliography Access the slide show here. Drug Legalization


US Democracy

January 18 How Democracy Can Defeat Autocracy January 16 Civil war in the US is unlikely because grievance doesn’t necessarily translate directly into violence January


Climate Change

January/February 2022 The coming carbon tsunami COVID-19 and climate change: Crises of structural racism January 24 Biden and Climate Change Kerry warns about efforts to


October 30 Politics Update

The only important issue in politics right now is the reconciliation bill, as without the reconciliation bill passing the infrastructure bill will not pass. This