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Is the metaverse on-balance desirable?

General What is the metaverse, exactly?  What is metaverse in blockchain? A beginner’s guide on an internet-enabled virtual world The metaverse is money and crypto


US Democracy

January 13 Protecting voting rights isn’t enough to protect democracy January 12 Human Rights Watch 2022 Report Opinion: Why the 2024 election could be decided

Sanctions Bad

Sanctions causing mass starvation in Afghanistan Murtaza Hussain, January 9, 2022, The Silence — or Worse — of Human Rights Hawks on U.S. Sanctions Against

November 8 Extemp Questions

International Is China an imminent threat to Taiwan? Will China eventually attack Taiwan? Should the US pledge to defend Taiwan from China? Should the US

Is Russia a Threat to the Ukraine?

Yes Russian troops now number 90,000 near Ukraine border after drills, Kyiv says CIA director dispatched to Moscow to warn Russia over troop buildup near


Is the AUKUS Agreement Desirable?

General US., UK, Australia reach agreement to counter China  The New ‘Three Amigos’ AUKUS Alliance Sets The Stage For A Pacific NATO Does the AKUS

November 1 Extemp Questions

International Taiwan Should the US make an explicit commitment to defend Taiwan’s security vis-a-vis China Should the US increase its material (arms, aid, troops) to